PASTOR'S PEN...            

                   Can you believe that it is June already?  Where did the year go?  We have another school year in the books, and it only seemed like yesterday that my kids were worried about going to a new school.  Now they have transitioned well, and they have some close friends.  With that it is hard to believe that June 1 will be a year for us in Shippensburg already.  That does not really seem all that possible for me.  God has blessed us with great friends and wonderful people to serve. 

Our calendar is busy for the month of June.  I am hoping to see everyone attend the movie night that has been planned for June 1.  I believe that we will be outside to watch the movie, and I believe that popcorn will be provided.  Please come and bring a friend.  You also may want to be sure to bring a comfortable lawn chair.

I received a call from the local newspaper yesterday.  Keep your eyes on the paper because I am going to be interviewed for the “Meet the Pastor” section.  I am being interviewed on Monday, June 4 so I would guess that the article will be in that week’s paper.  I was only ever interviewed once so pray that I do not stumble too much in the article.

We have been studying the debate between evolution and creation in Bible study on Wednesday evenings.  I believe this is an important topic for each of us to understand so we can articulate a biblical world view in the face of an evolutionary discussion.  I would like to thank Dave for making the topic understandable. 

Vacation Bible School will be starting on June 10th.  If you have not signed up yet, we will take the old and the young to assist with Bible school.  Look at the list for needs or please talk to Angie.  She is still looking for volunteers.  You may also enroll children for Bible school at the table in the narthex.  Please invite your family, friends and neighbors to Bible school.

We have been studying the book of Proverbs on Thursday mornings at the Greyhound.  We are only in chapter 3 so if you would like to attend, you have not missed very much content yet.  We generally have 6 or 7 guys attending so there is still plenty of room for more.  We will be in Proverbs for some time so bring your Bible and join us at 6:00 am on Thursday morning.

I was studying for this week’s study of Proverbs 3, and one verse in that passage stood out to me.  I read in Proverbs 3:24, “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; you will lie down, and your sleep will be pleasant.”  I have shared with some of you that there are times when I have trouble sleeping.  I can go through days of only getting two or three hours of sleep, and by the third or fourth day, I feel like a zombie.  I may even look like the walking dead as far as that goes.  But in the middle of Proverbs 3 is that verse.  The truth of that verse is tucked away in a section of Proverbs that discusses God’s providential care.  Too often we may forget who is protecting our path.  We fail to understand who is in control, and we worry.  Many times, my best worrying comes at night so I lose sleep.  But we can receive comfort from sleepless nights when we put our trust where it should be.  This is part of the wisdom shared in Chapter 3.  We do not have to suffer through sleepless nights
because of worry.


In Christ,
Pastor Leon Davis